Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Well here we are going into week three of raising Kekoa and all is going well. But I will say it's like having an infant in the house. He has full run of the place during the day. When we leave the room he chirps and squawks until we come back and at night.... forget it. All he wants to do is cuddle in our hands the minute we sit down. The pink bandanna in these pics is now synomomous with nap/bed time. All w have to do is leave it on the chair or ottoman and that is where he likes to sleep. Or we can wave it around to get him to come to us... since he associates that with getting his belly rubbed... Oh yes... his belly rubbed. He LOVES IT and will practically rollover to get it. He also likes to hang out in the kitchen while we cook and looks up at us from the floor like a puppy. Instead of people food... we are still feeding him the chick feed and several times a day we bring him plate fulls of dirt and bugs - PARTY!!! The other night I gave him a 2" grasshopper and he was CRAZY. It was hysterical to watch him grab it up and RUN across the room. You could almost hear him saying... It's Mine, Back Off! We have the nasty drop cloth on the sofa... because he thinks it's really plants and flowers and "hides" on it. It's too hard to find him otherwise. TOO MUCH! TOO CUTE!

Check out his tiny ear!
Asleep in pink.

After a little sunning, a quick cleaning to get those new feathers in and off he goes to find food.
Yes... he can just about fly. Just think 3 weeks ago... no wings... well no feathers on the wings.


kirsten said...

i just think it is the coolest thing you guys have a little pet peasant. love him and you guys.

Anonymous said...

leave it to you two to pick up a poor baby pheasant in need. no, you could'nt have found a fledgling DUCKLING, or a bald CHICKEN, y'all had to go find yourselves a baby PHEASANT!!! he really is just too cute, i HAVE to say... too funny!

Anonymous said...

Nothing is cuter than Kekoa. Except maybe the story about him finding a family! Love it!!!

baffle said...

Dropcloth on the sofa might become the latest in home decor ideas!
Really, if not for that cloth, the sofa print would be perfect 'camou' for Little Kekoa.

Now I'm trying to imagine a full-sized pheasant having free run of your house, napping in your bed, perched on a dining room chair alongside your dinner guests...

...a member of the family, to be sure!
Will 'Happy Holidays from John, Conn and Little Kekoa' appear on your Mele Kalikimaka 2008 cards?

Too much cuteness in one hale!

Anonymous said...

the sunning on your couch is just TOOO cute!!! I love it!!!!! I was just thinking that it is good you don't have any cats around! I can just imaging Hank & Willie having a field day with your little birdy!


dailydesignspot said...

so fun!