Friday, June 13, 2008


The face only two fathers could love!

It's been awhile since we updated you on the raising of Kekoa. RAISING being the operative word. It really is like having a needy infant around. He's not so bad as long as John and I are in the room with him at the same time... but let one of us leave and the crying game begins. He does the disco freak-out dance at the sliding door or living room window until one of us comes back.

So now that he is... we think... 7 weeks old, it's time he started sleeping outside at at night. We have planned on putting him out there the last few nights, but it's been pouring and I could not bear to leave him in the rain his first night out. Yes he is a wild bird and will have to deal with it sooner or later, but he's led a posh life the last few weeks and I couldn't just kick him to the wet curb.

Last night was the little, er uh BIG birds night to sleep outside. We brought him in this morning so he could hop around and flap his wings and do a bit of flying here and there. In a few weeks time we hope to turn him loose, but already have fears he will show up at the sliding door wanting a handout... or worse to come in and hang out. If he stays around much longer he needs to learn how to work on a computer... or at the least cook.

Here are some pics from the last 2 weeks.

Above: The morning after his first night out. As you can see, his eye area is starting to turn bright red and his breast feathers are beginning to turn an iridescent rust color. And the size of those feet!

Here he is tucked away in his "connmade" nest. There are some dried palm fronds hanging in the front to provide shade protection during the day and wind/rain protection at night. SPOILED!

The other day he needed the comfort of my hoody and this morning he spotted the mac nuts....

He loves the shredded wheat cereal... but we don't enjoy his eat and run behavior.

After being all "cooped" up after a few days, he needs a bath. Here are a few images of bath day.
Believe it or not he actually likes the hair dryer.

Scroll down a few post to see just how big he has gotten in the 6 weeks we have had him.
It's crazy.


Anonymous said...

This is too hilarious! I love yr birdie posts. You need to be on Animal Planet, reality TV or something!

KRS10 said...

He is so cute!! I'm glad to see he is maturing into such a handsome bird! Keep us posted!

harrydog said...

conn! tony told me you had a pet turkey that sleeps with you!! now i see!! you do!! that is hilarious and really how life should be!!! i put old bread on my little window sill in nyc for the pigeons!! soon i might be sitting on the window sill with them!!! hahahaa!! that is the cutest bird ever, i don't think she is going anywhere!! good luck!!