Saturday, June 28, 2008


The dirt is a flyin'.

I swear you can see him smiling here.

Over the past few weeks I have placed a small pie pan full of dirt in Kekoa's coop so he could take a dirt bath. Until I filled it up today we have never actually seen him "clean" himself in it.
So when I witnessed him doing it, I realized the pan is too small. I came back to the house and got a cardboard box from a flat of water. I then filled it with dry dirt and placed it in the coop. He was in his glory! What he does is sort of just nestle in the dirt, then with his feet he digs himself into a divet, keeping his wings open so the dirt comes up under them then up on his back. He also rolls around in int, rubbing the top of his head and neck in it as seen in the third pic. The reasoning behind this bath of dirt is to help them during their molting process and to rid themselves of mites and other buggy type critters. Although we do not have an actual date, his release into the wild is nearing... Stayed tuned for all the latest Kekoa news right here on CFC.

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Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I found you through design*sponge's post (of the amazing pics of your home) and couldn't love you more! So glad to meet your blog and look forward to following you.