Monday, June 23, 2008


Aloha.... We are again making news and getting lots of love over the internet. Today we have new images of the house featured in the "sneak peek" section on design*sponge. The wonderful Grace and Anne had contacted us back in March about doing a sneak peek, but we needed to wait until the issue of Readymade came out as they had first dibs. Stop by and take a peek.
Mahalo Anne and Grace. 


Anonymous said...

Your home is very beautiful. I cannot stop looking at the pics on D*S. I must have seen them a dozen times already!Everything looks perfect.

Anonymous said...

Man, your home is beaut. And I have enjoyed reading the archives here all day, following your journey from NY to Hawai'i! Thanks so much for sharing it with D*S, and with all good wishes from NZ ...

Anonymous said...

Totally cool mans! Sorry I couldn't ichat yesterday, in packing HELL! I love the designsponge post, dare I say, better pics than RM? SOOOO GORGEOUS.

Anonymous said...

Congrats. YOU are fabulous!

dailydesignspot said...

hey guys..
i got a comment over at my little site today from conn.. sorry boss.. i have no idea of the make of the car.. i took some time to try and find that out for myself the other day with no luck.. if you do find out.. let me know! glad the food photos make you hungry.. if you guys ever make it to savannah... dinner @ our place!
take care

S. Rankin said...


I've been "Sponged" too!

Love the write up in Readymade and now Design*Sponge. I have even thoroughly perused your blog. You two are hugely inspiring, and so adorable!

Perhaps one day we'll cross paths when my squeeze and I follow our dreams to Hawaii.

I'll be back to see your progress in the garden, the house, and with Kekoa!

Shannon Rankin

Anonymous said...

Hi,sorry if this is a dupe comment....I finally saw your property in the Readymade issue,after seeing the sneak peek on D*Sponge.It is obvious that you guys have put in a lot of hard work creating such a great environment ,and especially love the "off the grid"aspect,and still connected to the world,Perfect!
Thanks for sharing!