Monday, July 28, 2008


Kekoa showed up again this morning, no doubt looking for his morning treat of mac nuts. He is so comfortable around us and jumped up on the lanai... coaxed with nuts. When we left the screen door open to see what he would do, he walked right in and made himself at home. I think he might have wanted a break from the rain and wind today. When he was ready to go back out he walked to the screen door and pecked at it. Out he went on his way.
See you tomorrow?
Hanging out just below the lanai.

His napping spot on the rug that he blends right into.

On the sofa.... they'll never see me here in this foliage.


Deb said...

Aloha kakahiaka (by the way -totally used the wrong greeting last time - what kind of Maui girl am I?!),

That's just what our dog does, a little scratch at the door when she needs to go out. I'm thinking Kekoa will be getting his own label will soon ;-)

Next stop Longs for a flea and tick collar!

Anonymous said...

Told you, it's a chickendog.


Events by Evonne, LLC said...

Wow, he's really making himself comfortable!

Justin Richel said...

Kekoa is so handsome! He is lucky to have such loving Daddies.

KRS10 said...

awwww - I just love this guy!!!