Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Awhile back I wandered into a shop in Paia and saw a few works by Maui artist John Ritchey and have thought about getting one ever since. Problem is we have no more room for new art right now, but I still have my eye on a piece or two once we get the new office complete. I stumbled across John in Lahaina where he was selling his prints under the banyan tree on July 4th. He gave me a hand painted business card with a fish on it which makes me want a larger piece of work even more. His work is simple, elegant and just whimsical enough to make you smile. Each and every sea creature he renders with a brush and india ink, has a very distinct personality. These are 2 of my favorites... especially the "conversation" between the whale and the turtle.

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Parnell Corder said...

Totally inspirational! I love to see actual hand work drawings.