Thursday, August 07, 2008

Holy Heiau!

I thought it fitting to post about our wonderful trip to Hana today with my intrepid friends Gabrielle and Larry. They had never made the trip before so it was great to see their reaction. Gabrielle ran out of adjectives to describe the beauty. Larry silently snapped photos. We set out early and made a few stops on the way. The most spectacular was the Kahanu Garden on 'Ula'ino Road. Conn and I had been to this garden on our first trip to Maui in 2001.

We found it in fantastic shape this time around. The garden is extremely well kept with a meandering self-guided walking tour that takes you by specimens of native and polynesian-introduced trees and plants. The most spectacular was the Pi'ilanihale Heiau. The heiau is believed to be the largest in all of Hawai'i. A lava ridge was faced with a retaining wall, filled with stones, and topped with a 450' x 320' platform. We didn't venture out further east to Oheo gulch in Kipahulu because we had spent so much time at the garden and exploring around Hana itself. Just as well though since as Gabrielle said, "I've seen way to much beauty for one day. My brain can't take anymore!"

This pic is trying to show the scale but it's not doing it justice. This thing is enormous. Think small Aztec temple. It gave us all "chicken skin" when we approached it.

Milo tree flower at the Garden.

On the windy road to Hana.

Koki beach.

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