Sunday, August 10, 2008


Stretch it out!

A few days ago, John and Gabi laid out their towels to do a bit of pilates in the back yard. They turned their backs for one second and Kekoa moved in and stole a towel for himself. As you can see he is still hanging around. He shows up every morning for coffee and nuts... well we have the coffee, he has the nuts. He pops in and out all day and holds court on the lanai until finally shuffling off to bed somewhere in the yard.

He likes to spread his wings to sun himself before dozing off.
These were shot last week, so add about another inch in height and 2 inches to the tail length.


Anonymous said...

guys, you will appreciate this one:


Deb said...

Is Kekoa on the towel in that first pic - priceless shot!!

He's like the winged version of Christian the Lion:-)

Conn said...

That link was great... sad but great. well written article.

That is Kekoa on the towel in the first shot.
He definitely rules this roost.
And it is very much the Christian the Lion type of story.