Friday, September 05, 2008


As they say here in the Islands, Happy Aloha Friday everyone.

I always love seeing the transformations that people make to found pieces of furniture over at design*sponge, so I thought why not submit a great make-over project I did for the before and after section this week. You can see the finaI spit shined photo of this rusted metal cabinet here.


Anonymous said...

wow -- the "after" photo looks great. btw conn this really is an anonymous poster and not john. i think you guys are very talented. cheers!

Anonymous said...

Looks great! Love the bright colors :)

pupule said...

I actually saw that on design*sponge and did not even connect the fact that it was you. Nice makeover.

Deb said...

Very nice work!!

Conn said...

Aloha and mahalo for the compliments.
We hope to have a few more to share in the coming months.
Stay tuned.