Friday, October 31, 2008


Conn and I voted today. We were concerned when we got off the elevator and were greeted with the end of the line! The whole process took an hour, a small sacrifice for the chance to cast our vote.

Well, voting's tough work so we had to refuel our depleted energy with a few of Dad's Donuts! We just can't get enough as evidenced in this pic from Dad's website. Heck, we're there so often that we were shot by the web designer a couple of months ago as she was photographing the shop for the website! So now there is hard proof of our confection addiction. 

Thanks to Marion the designer for giving us the heads up that we are on the site!


Anonymous said...

Those local HI doughnut flavors look heavenly!
Although, next time you're in the city you have to try Doughnut Plant. Their 'tres leches' and 'coconut creme' are hard to beat. Plus, they're made with all organic ingredients.

Deb said...

We're lucky our last name starts with an end-of-the-alphabet letter - that line is usually pretty short!

What nice way to treat yourselves after voting . . .I plan to do the same on tuesday!