Friday, October 24, 2008


Here is a new logo and business card I created for Nikki and Justin at Flowers First here on Maui. The guidelines were to somehow use green, purple, circles and maybe orange. Hard to believe I did not get orange in there somewhere. I really wanted to play with the letter "f" somehow since there were 2 of them in the company name. The result was this fuji or spider mum made out of radiating "f's". The back of the cards were inspired by japanese oragami paper and an obi sash. Please check out their temporary website I did for them at Flowers First Wholesale. We hope to have a few more pages up soon.

By the way, Nikki and Justin were the ones that informed us that Kekoa was in "foster care". Mahalo.


Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

That logo totally rocks. Great colors, too!

Deb said...

sooo creative! what a wonderful artful mind you've got there:-)

and welcome back to you AND kekoa! i was so worried for him. WHEW!

Conn said...

MAHALO for the kudos.
It was a fun project...

Everett... Thanks... I'm stealing that name.

billybeyond said...

super classy. Spider mums say it all.
great design.