Friday, October 10, 2008


We know it has been awhile since we gave you all an update on Kekoa. I wish we had something to tell you, but we don't.

You see, just 2 days after we bought him a fancy auto-feeder he disappeared on September 15th. We saw him that morning and have not seen him since. That was one week before we went away. His days spent on the lanai were getting shorter and shorter, and the last few days he only came for breakfast around 7:00 AM and dinner around 4:30 PM. It is sad not having him around, but he is a wild bird and out on his own. It was always our intention that he be returned to the wild to fly and roam freely. Who knows, he may show up again one day... maybe with a new family. If and when that happens, you will be the first to know. Below are a few pictures from the last visit.

Taking a bath in his water dish.

He seemed to like the new feeding system while it lasted.

A detail of his amazing plumage.

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