Saturday, October 11, 2008


This post might be odd coming from someone who delights in turning old record covers into other things. But I can't ignore a good design solution when I see one. Especially when it minimizes clutter and aids in the preservation of a near-extinct medium. And it helps that it involves a good friend too. Enter, the Atocha Design Record Cabinet. Sleek and modern in design, warm and inviting in materials, it takes your old vinyl (and cd's too) off the shelves and stowed away for safe keeping. They were in the New York Times magazine a few weeks ago too. Hot stuff!


Parnell Corder said...

Vinyl or Vynil?

John said...

What the? Don't question me! ; )

Anonymous said...

ooh, nice find, john! we switched the other half's cd collection into disc sox which allowed everything to fit into two blu dot modalicious cabinets (which he has already managed to stuff to capacity).

this would add a bit more space and allow the vinyl to finally escape its box.