Saturday, November 22, 2008


John and I saw this on Nightline last night.
These are 2 women after my own heart. If we could only be as awesome as the lady that has one can per year I would be thrilled. I honestly don't know how she does it.
John and I have at most a 1/2 bag of garbage (one of those big black 28 gallon bags) every 2 weeks.

We always refuse the bags at the grocery stores which is great because we get 3-6 cents credit per canvas bag we bring in depending on the store. We are also lucky enough that we can compost all of our food scraps and most paper products. Lining flower beds with newspaper is a great way to keep weeds out. We recycle all cans, bottles and cardboard which is great because we get 5 cents for every plastic bottle or can marked HI5 on it. You pay the 5 cents at the store as a deposit so why not drop it off at recycling to get it back? Otherwise you are literally throwing money away. That is our mad money that we plan on putting towards something fun like a zip-line adventure.

here is the link to enviromom blog


James said...

It's so frustrating being unable to compost in the city. My friends on Kauai say that decomposition happens SO quickly there!

Denise Papas Meechan said...

I am keen on composting everything but living upstate am scared I'll attract our already over-friendly bear. Do you guys get any unwanted animals on the isle?

Conn said...

Hey Denise... I would be too afraid to compost with the bears as well.
Only critters we have to deal with are birds, cats, and maybe the occasional mongoose. We do keep it covered with a piece of chicken wire though. Maybe what you need is a wooden box outside with a hinged lid that you can lock... keeping your compost bin inside there?

James... I know. When we lived in the city it was very frustrating. And yes... everything decomposes really fast here. The compost heap is always a wealth of new seedlings as well. We just toss all seeds in the compost bowl and then dump. Wait a few weeks for sprouts then transplant. Takes half the work out of gardening. We have already gotten over a dozen avocado trees from the compost that are now 2-3 feet tall.

James said... envious!