Friday, November 14, 2008


The waves yesterday at Ho'okipa were amazing.
The sun may not have been shining but who needs sun with sets like these?
What's that?
NO, I don't surf.


Anonymous said...

sweet. that is exactly what i needed to see/hear right now.....thanks!

erly said...

I've been reading your blog for a bit now, because I'll be transferring to Hilo once I am finished with my associates... and your stories about kekoa and recipes have definitely helped me stay focused on all that (not so much work, though)

But if you do ever find time to go surfing, try it. I surf over here in Washington state, and I swear that it is my religion. Sitting out in the water and taking everything in is the most zen of moments for me.

Anywho... keep it up!

Conn said...

Erly...Congrats on your future move to Hilo... and we are glad we could give you much to focus on.

For some reason... I'm just not sure about surfing...
1. It's just seems scary to me...
2. I would most likely find it so much fun that I would never do anything else and become addicted.

erly said...

Haha, very reasonable fears indeed!