Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Aloha... we have finally gotten around to adding the "FOLLOW THIS BLOG" link just to your right. Click it to stayed updated on our latest postings. We are promising to get back to blogging better in 2009. Stay tuned for upcoming re-models, recipes and reports from Maui.

In the meantime... we hope this picture brightens your day... especially those of battling ice, snow and below freezing digits.

A Hui Hou,
Conn, John and Kekoa


James said...

I'm battling all of the elements you mentioned right now. New York sucks this time of year. You picture definitely brightened my day.

Because it has been rainy our last 3 xmas's (on Kauai), my sweetheart and I have decided to try Rio de Janeiro this year. Wouldn't you know that the 10 day forecast is bright and sunny in Kauai w/no tradewinds and Rio is stuck in a storm pattern that won't seem to quit. We are cursed!


Conn said...

Oh NO!
Well those on Kaui will be delighted to here there will be no rain. They had a week of it and some pretty serious flooding. We got a day or 2 of it and with a small amount today. Beautiful though. 80's.

Hope the forecast for Rio changes for year.
Mele Mele.