Sunday, December 28, 2008


It's been raining since Christmas day and yesterday the ground could not accept anymore water. Our seasonal (raging) stream returned on Friday, but yesterday we were soaking in it. Literally. John and I had to dig a few small trenches in the driveway right out in front of the house. We have new french drain pipes to put in, but have not yet found the time. Maybe this will motivate us.

The storms sort of roll in and then the winds die, causing the clouds to just sit above us releasing all of the rain. Once the rain stops the streams and puddles disappear within minutes only to swell again as soon as the sky opens up again.
The south side of the drive yesterday morning before the rain.

The south side of the drive about 20 minutes after the rain started.

The front of the house about 2 hours into the rain.

Looking up towards the driveway from the gulch.

Our new lap pool!

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