Saturday, January 17, 2009


This is a bit late in posting since the works were completed several months ago, but I am just now finding time to document my work from the past few months. Nishanga Bliss wrote these 2 booklets and I did the art direction and design for both. They were produced for IEP CLINIC in San Francisco.

The first is a booklet that I did was called EAT REAL FOOD - Traditional Nutrition Through the Seasons and focused on healthy eating through the 5 seasons. YES... I said 5 seasons... Late Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring + Summer.

I designed the graphics used on the cover and throughout the book as well as the overall design of the booklet. Each leaf represents one particular season.The mood here was to be earthy, warm and natural.

The second booklet, Q+A - Complimentary + Alternative Medicine was simply designed, yet bold with easy to understand Q+A's on the benefits of acupuncture, massage, herbs and other forms of Chinese Medicine. They wanted a calm and cool mood to the book so I worked with icy, yet earthy tones of blue, green, tan and dirt. I also did the cover illustration of the human body to resemble a Chinese character and to illustrate that the book was about the body.

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these are beautiful!!!