Thursday, February 26, 2009


Today John and I just found out that our home is featured on the website [the nest]. Which is the sister magazine to the knot. They had asked us for images several months ago and we had nearly forgotten about it until a reader sent me an e-mail inquiring about the Charley Harper Prints above the bed.

Stop by and check it out. You will however have to sign up to the site to see the images... but it's a cool site with lots of design ideas.

I wanted a catchy title for this post and decided to see what other word I could use besides nest... obviously I found nothing I liked, BUT, I did discover that a pheasant nest is called a nide. Fitting as we have our very our resident pheasant.

Mahalo to [the nest] for including us on their site.


Anonymous said...

I spy a pair of Blenkos and a Per Lutken (3rd photo from the top. I like!!!

Conn said...

Hi there... not sure which pieces you mean.. as none of them are marked. I think the small light blue vase is a Per Lutken. As for the Pair of Blenkos... do you mean the blue man and woman vessels? I picked these up over 18 years ago in NYC at the 26th Street flea market when it was still affordable. Thanks for the info.