Sunday, March 01, 2009


Above is a cluster of bamboo printed with gold and silver ink.

A few weeks ago I posted about my Pacific Weddings Magazine DIY Card Feature and mentioned I would soon be sharing some of the other designs I submitted. As promised, here are a few other ideas. The entire concept was to make a handmade card that could then be framed as art. Once your recipient removes the "message band" they can then frame the card and have a beautifully handmade piece of art that they can admire for years to come. What's better than getting carded? Doesn't it always make you feel great?

Here is a silkscreen thank you card with a wool felt and canvas 3-D orchid.


baffle said...

much elegant.
way gorgeous.
you knock my hand-knitted socks right off.

James said...

beautifully inspired!

Deb said...

homemade cards are the best cards, and these are so simply lovely. i have been trying to do more with my photos. . . hmm - maybe i'll try some cut-out picures;)

thanks for endlessly inspiring.

btw, have not found anything even remotely similar to your jar scraper:( but i'll keep on it!