Monday, February 16, 2009


This is a post based solely on a status comment made on my facebook page. A good friend who knows me too well found a cartoon that parallels my doings in the garden and unbeknownst to him, also mine and Conn's daily dessert dilemma. I am Toad in the first episode (The Garden) muttering to my newly planted seeds. Who know seeds are afraid to grow. If so, my beets are real scaredy-cats! And I'm Frog in the second episode (The Cookie) complaining about too much of a good thing. I have considered sacrificing leftovers because of weak willpower. So if you find yourself home on this President's Day holiday and feel like revisiting your childhood for a few minutes, have a look at this endearing stop-motion animated short.


baffle said...

Oh! What a great memory. The Frog and Toad books were a favourite in our home. You-Know-Who-Louie had them all memorized at an early age. These are such sweet stop-action shorts too. Thanks for sharing. John - so you alternate between Frog and Toad logic, eh?
Velly intahlesting!

John said...

hey b! so glad you like. yes, i guess i vacillate you might say. aren't these adorable. i want naptime after i watch.