Monday, April 13, 2009


After a VERY LONG week of Kekoa mending in the house...we finally made it to the hardware store to get some plastic poultry mesh for the coop. We had chicken wire on it, but found he always cut the top of his beak between his nostrils, which was always one more injury to nurse. After swapping the metal for plastic, we put Kekoa in his new healing center.... which he does not seem to enjoy AT ALL. We simply could not keep him inside another minute. He began getting VERY CRANKY by Thursday and was on the attack all day. How's that for gratitude? Well we try to overlook it and laugh it off... he is a wild creature. I think he's just feeling trapped. He puffs up and get those feathers all fanned out... and even chases us. And yeah... It's a bit freaky.

His father has been hanging outside the coop early mornings as well taunting him to no end... which prompts further puffing and fanning. This is what he does when we walk up. Notice how he flattens out the tail and tilts it toward the camera.

So he's been in the coop 4 days and decides to let us know when he is awake at 6:00 AM not with one crow, but 6-8 VERY LOUD ones over the course of an hour.

He is using the leg more to hobble along, but not to stand on. Looks like another week or so of recovery. We can't wait to let him go back to being a free bird. It's really quite sad to see him all cooped up.

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Deb said...

heal, kekoa, heal. . .