Monday, April 13, 2009


Table 11 awaits it's chance to inspire.

This past Thursday John and I joined a host of other professionals from the fields of fashion and interior designer, FBI, music and marine biology just to name a few at SEABURY HALL for a career day program. We woke up bright and early... early for the work from home designers.. at 5:45 AM and made the 40 minute drive up the mountain to Kula.

Seabury Hall sits in the "Upcountry" region of the Hawaiian island of Maui and is an award-winning college-preparatory school established in 1964. John and I were there to discuss Fashion, Web + Graphic design with 8 of the 60 senior class members. We only had 3 small groups and had 15 minutes - 7 minutes each per session. That's just not enough time to delve into what a day in the life of a designer might be like or how we got to where we are and what inspired us. We spoke with Kim Abrahamson, Director of Alumni Relations about the possibility of going back to spend an entire class period with the art students and they were elated that we would make such an offer. Not that we think we are that special... but the kids were really great and had so many questions that went unanswered.

We not only chatted with the students, but got the opportunity to "talk story" with other designers, photographers and artists living here on Maui. It was rather inspiring for us to hear their stories and we hope we were able to inspire a few of the kids with ours.

A hui hou!

A mountain view with a complimentary continental breakfast.
All I needed to see were the donut holes and I was FINE!
The jacaranda tress were in full bloom and were intoxicating treat as they do not grow at our elevation.

We brought along some of the work we had done over the years as well as a few stacks of our favorite books. We thought they were important to see how and where we find inspiration. It all starts with knowing the history of fashion, typography or graphic design.... or any other field for that matter. Who our predecessors were. How they changed and shaped the industry.

John and a student discussing typography.

The plastic chairs were amazing... and we pondered how we might be able to fit a couple in our book bags. I mean look at the color combo's.


James said...

Nice! If that school has an opening for a psychologist, i'm in.

Deb said...

Love. Wonder where those kiddies will end up:)

Those chairs are cool - are they the everyday lunch chairs??

Conn said...

Most of the kids have already been accepted to colleges. One of our students is going to Moore in Philadelphia. Also about half of the speakers were alumni who went off to the mainland for college then moved back to Maui.

Kim said...

You and John were wonderful presenters! The kids gave you high marks all-around. I've passed your information on to our Art Department Chair and she would love to work you into their curriculum next fall. Thanks again, Conn!

Conn said...

Thanks Kim... We look forward to visiting again... and hope to run into you at the craft fair!

Deb said...

The craft fair! Please have some chow fun and a lavender scone for me:)