Thursday, May 28, 2009


One of the baby cardinals has started to open it's eyes. All are doing well and they are all sprouting feathers. I'm just worried that tiny little nest is going to get too crowded soon and it looks like it's starting to lean to one side. Keeping a close eye on that.


Anonymous said...

That is one lucky bird mama to have such a caring 'community' to raise her family in. I can just see you getting all 'nest architecture Macgyver', working out little props to make sure their home doesn't fall... Thank you so much for sharing your adorable findings.
I thought of you guys the other day. I ran into a friend who is a 6'4'' body builder and he was carrying a tiny yellow box. In that box was a 2 week old chipmunk he had found in his garage. It was about the size of a quarter in his big hand. He had managed to keep it alive for a week already, feeding it with an eye dropper and giving it little q-tip baths. Beyond cute. (He even gets up in the night to check on it.) I just wish I'd had my camera!
The office project looks like it's coming along nicely. Good luck with the next phase!

Conn said...

Paige... How do you know me so well?
I did figure a way ... and it's in my next post.

(you know I secretly want a cardinal to raise so it will come and land on my shoulder)

Laurelee said...

Wow! Baby cardinals are adorable! Those have to be the most precious little birds I've ever seen.