Friday, May 22, 2009


We know it's been awhile since we mentioned Kekoa, but we have no news to tell. He's been heard at Leilani Farm Sanctuary, but not seen. So I guess that's good news.

We have seen his mom and dad almost every day since Kekoa went to live elsewhere and it's been great fun. Big Mama is almost never out from her nest under some Norfolk Pines, so it's pretty exciting to see her out and about. Big Daddy is out carousing daily making all sorts of noise. Big Mama , being very skiddish always makes a run for it when she spots us. Big Daddy on the other, who used to runoff is now getting comfortable with our prescence. We only watch them from afar and do not have any plans on inviting into the house.

I camped out for about 20 minutes to get these shots. They are the first and only shots I have ever gotten of the female.

Big Mama is very much the Plain Jane so as to not draw attention to herself and her young.
She's quite large... almost as big as the male, without the long tail. She is always walking in front of Big Daddy. He protects her fom a distance.

A few minutes after Big mama walked past, Big Daddy made his way across the back yard after hanging out in the garden. Notice a broken tail feather.

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