Friday, May 08, 2009


The time has finally come to begin construction on our new farm office and the first step was making room around the existing structure by removing some plants. We dug up 9 Ti plants and 3 very large asparagus ferns from the back side of the shed and have relocated them to their new home around the water tank. The Ti plants are quite old and were very well established. It took an entire day just to move them and dig out the existing water and electric lines. The only thing that remains on the back side is our Stephanotis vine because we are afraid that moving it will kill it. It produces the most amazingly fragrant white star shaped flowers... almost like a cross between jasmine and hyacinth. We just have to work around it. John and I will begin demolition on this structure next week... just as soon as the solar panels come down and get relocated to their temporary home in the back yard.

The now bare backside of the shed and the stephanotis vine. This will soon be a two story structure where will will be able to spread out, work and have all of our supplies at hand.

The electric and water lines leading from the shed to the house.
The thin black wire is the connection to our power meter which tells us how full the battery charge is.

Hidden treasure. Really? A flash bulb?

Stay tuned for more frequent updates.
Up next... digging for the new gas line and relocation of the propane tank.
OH... did I mention that John and I are doing a lot of the work ourselves... except for the framing. We have hired a contractor to help with that. Here we go.....

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Deb said...

exciting! it will be fun watching your office grow. . .and seeing the progress in person soon:)