Saturday, May 16, 2009


Wednesday John and I, with the help of our electrician moved the solar panels from the roof of the shed to the yard so that we can start tearing down the shed. It was an all day affair on one of the hottest days of the year so far. We scheduled Friday as the day to relocate the batteries, invertor and re-wire the whole system in it's temporary home on the lanai along with the water pump, pressure tank and filtration system. All is back up and running now and we are ready to start taking down the walls. We are hoping for one more good day of rain before we take the roof off because once we take that away we will not have a way to catch water... that is until I make a temporary roof over one of the three tanks. But rain does not look to be in our future over the next few days.

The panels on the existing shed.

The pier blocks and wood supports that will hold the panels in the front yard.

One 10 panel array down... one to go.

Here comes the second array of 10.

Pitch perfect. They actual get more sun down here later in the day than on the roof... the palm tree was beginning to cast a shadow on the s lower panels. That should be taken care of when we put them on the new 2nd story office.

The charge control, inverter and solar boost in it's old spot in the shed.

The 12 batteries that power the house. These babies each weigh about 100 pounds. Those yellow rope handles came in quite handy.

The power cables were run through pvc pipe. We had to place several feet under ground where it spanned the driveway.

Everything in it's temporary home. Once the batteries were in place John covered them with hinged doors to help keep them clean and dry.

More updates soon.


Parnell Corder said...

Wow! an action power packed week !

gustoso said...

Holy, that looks like a big job.