Saturday, May 23, 2009


I was up bright and early today and started baking these Triple Citrus Buttermilk Pound Cakes at 7:30 AM before it got too hot. It's the same recipe I used for the Orange Version a few months ago, but this time I used lemon, lime and orange zest. I made a double batch and added chocolate chips to the second half. I was curious about what the batter weighed, so I pulled out the scale... IT WAS 5lbs. I got one large loaf, 4 mini loaves and 4 mini bundt loaves. We were invited to a party last minute so we took some of the mini's. I'm so glad I made extra, but that meant I needed to give them a little personality. I glazed them with Triple Citrus Icing, placed them on a banana leaf mats and garnished them with a thin banana stalk tied with a banana leaf knot. The large loaf was decorated with young lemon branches and rested on a banana leaf mat. It takes very little effort to dress them up, but makes for a pretty dramatic presentation. Be creative... use what you can find... orchids, lemongrass, citrus peel curls or leaves. As long as they are not poisonous of course. Have I mentioned we love dessert? I think it's time for another slice now.

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baffle said...

Get outta town on a Sugar Rail, you!

I agree with an earlier commenter - that you should compile your recipes into a cookbook - it would be a best sellah!

You can title it Aloha Yum - or not.