Saturday, May 09, 2009


Next up in our preparations for the new office construction... relocation of the propane tank. That's it tucked behind the buckets of plant cutting on the left. It's current location is right against the shed, but with the new design, the tank cannot be within something like 5 feet from a window or door... which we will have a lot of. The gas company has already come out and approved the new location which will be across from the office and against the water tanks.

John took on the task of actually finding and digging up the gas line. He thought he found it when he saw the yellow pipe. That was until he discovered after digging for an entire day that the pipe had been cut 1 foot from the tank. It was a dead line. The black tube is the newer and actual line... which is at least 12" below the old line.I took on the task of thinning out the red ginger. I removed about an 8 foot x 6 foot patch so that we could push the propane tank back as far as possible. The red part of the ginger actually grows leaves between each petal as it grows older and the weight forces it to the ground. That's all the smaller low hanging bits in the first photo. Once it hits the ground, it starts to take root and... BAM... just like that you have a new plant which explains why it was so dense. The second photo is with about half of it cleared out. We had so many plants leftover we gave them all away to our friends and neighbors. I'm actually glad we thinned it out as they were always hanging in the walkway.Here, John making sure the trench for the gas line is heading in the right direction.

The new gas line will follow the contour of the landscaping, which will make it easy to find should we need to.

The pipe and regulator in place awaiting the the brand new tank that we are hoping will be delivered early next week. The old tank is starting to rust a bit... so a new one is in order.
In the meantime we have a 5 gallon tank hooked up. The new tank will rest where the 2 2x4's are sitting. Just behind it we transplanted 7 of the ti plants that were behind the shed. They grow more upright and will not interfere or hang over the tank. It will help keep the tank drier and allow easier access to clean it. So many details to think about.


Janet said...

OMG!! I'm exhausted just reading about what you've done so far!!

Aim said...

You guys are so busy! That is some work you are doing....