Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Today we finally got the last bit of shed taken down and only 2 days behind where we thought we would be. We kept the majority of the walls together, but will take them apart later on when we re-use the wood for a small tractor shed in the garden. We took every single nail and screw out one by one rather than cutting them and leaving bits in the boards. While we have a good amount of design work on our plates, we saved a good chunk of change by doing the demolition ourselves. We will also be doing almost ALL of the finishing work ourselves!

We are still working on which flooring to use in the office, exterior paint colors, composite decking, sink and faucet, toilet, medicine cabinets, interior lighting and ceiling fans. The desk, work table and all bookshelves in the office will be handmade... using the new KREG JIG we just got. It looks like a MIRACLE TOOL! The desktops are all going to be laminate... that we are settling on today. They are all really great... yes... THEY, as in several... it's a surprise.

We met with the mason last week and have ordered all the doors, windows, bathroom vanity and all exterior lighting fixtures (which are my favorite pieces so far). The excavator is due to show up today to evaluate what needs to be done to modify the existing slab. With any luck, we will have the underlying plumbing, electrical and foundation finished in a few weeks. After that.. framing. Then finishing... by when? Shooting for mid August... we'll see how that plays out.

Start of the day.

One wall down...3 to go.

Bucket full of old nails.

Monkeying around.
All work and no play make Conn a dull boy.

They put HOW MANY NAILS in this one tiny board?

Last wall standing.

Site's ready for excavation. Oh and yes, we got the new propane tank Monday morning.
As you can see, it was a picture perfect day for working outside.

These 4 pics show the 4 piles of salvaged materials. There is also 1 stack of siding and some roofing that will also get re-used. This last pic is not really salvagable and is what we are planning on trashing. Not too bad.

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baffle said...

home (and shed) remodels always seem like magic tricks to me. unbelievable transformations! mysteries and surprises abound. suddenly, there it is - a new living space.
i am in awe of you two!
wowie zowie!