Monday, July 27, 2009


We are ridiculously behind in our posts but we have been burning our candles at both ends. Here are a few pics of us filling holes with putty and caulk and putting the primer on the structure. We are well past this phase and have at least 3 coats of the green on most of it. The hard part is waiting for the perfect painting conditions as we have had a lot of rain this summer. Most of the trim has been added as well. The cutting in of the trim also takes a good amount of time... especially 13 feet off the ground on that 12 inch wide plank. The sprayer proved to be a bit tough with our trade winds you can tell by the photo of me below. Photo's of the green soon...we promise. WE LOVE IT SO FAR...

Off to paint some more... we have a small window of no rain.

John 13 feet above ground taping off the windows before spraying.

Priming before filling the holes and cracks makes it easier to see what needs to be filled. The wood filler starts out light pink then dries white, so I marked all the spots with blue tape that need to be sanded and re-primed.

The winds carried the paint my way. I think I got more on me than the structure. The goggles were covered... so they came off and a mask kept blowing off. It got better after this.


m.e.m. said...

Dudes! I totally just realized that you are creating a designworks garage! A pretty fancy one at that....but totally my design dream workspace!

James said...

"ARGHHHH" - the caption for the photo of you covered in paint.
I may have nightmares tonight.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, I remember when your 'shed' was just knee high to a grasshopper... I go away for one month and there it is, all grown up! It's looking great you guys! Keep it up! But please take good care of those candles, cause I'd miss seeing your yummy posts & the big finish if they were to burn right out! : )

Barbara said...


I'm just visiting your blog for the first time. I got a first taste of your beautiful home when my friend Deb and ohana came to visit you.

I'm a former HI girl(I lived on West Oahu) now living in Europe. It's great to know other bloggers who have a ties to Hawaii.I still have ohana there but come back very rarely.

You are two handy dudes ! I hope that your work is coming along fine.

Take it easy,

Deb said...

HEY - hi Barbara:)!

I like the marking with blue tape idea. . .must pass it on to the husband. we've got patches here and there - maybe if it were marked with blue he'd get around to them sooner- lol.

Conn said...

@m.e.m.: I was just thinking of you the other day while painting. you just popped into my head.

@James: "ARGHHHH" is right. It's very Kabuki though...i kinda love that pic.

@Barbara:E Komo Mai. Nice to see you here and we hope you will stop by often.

@Deb: Don't tell Scott you got the idea from us. He might hold it against us! haha.

Conn said...

Oh Paige... I did not forget you... well i did, but i remembered soon after. Not too worry. We'll keep on keepin' on and blogging. Welcome back. Hope your trip was great.