Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Things on the construction front are moving along at a rapid pace. Our lumber delivery arrived on Monday morning during a downpour, but the day soon turned sunny and all was good. The builders showed up a little after lunch and began prepping and cutting for Tuesday's raising of the walls. I did not expect for all 4 lower walls to go up in one day...BUT THEY DID. WOW!

Wednesday was spent laying the floor joist for the upstairs office and the sub-flooring a well as installing the interior walls on the first floor storage room. Thursday will bring the raising of the upstairs walls and quite possibly the roof.

By the way... the workers listen to some pretty amazing tunes that are totally up our alley.
Depeche Mode, Iron & Wine, Amy Winehouse, The Scorpions, New Order, Belle & Sebastian, ELO and Morrissey just to name a few.

Here are a few images from the last 3 days.

North wall

East wall

South wall

West wall

The toilet room.
As in a room just for the toilet.

Headers ready and waiting for all the windows and doors.

We bought this tent at Costco for the guys to work in and hang out under during the blazing hot days. Thinking we just mught put it to good use afterwards... maybe a party tent?

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