Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It's been almost 2 weeks since we got all of the primer on and began applying the Green Grove color. It's looking great and when Gavin the plumber pulled in the other day we got the exact reaction we were looking for - "It's a great color. It just blends right in to the background". We still have a good amount left to do because it's been raining quite a bit lately. The other thing holding us up is that we still have a few windows we need to caulk around and that cannot be done while it's wet either. Little by little we manage to get bits done, but I cant wait to finish then move onto re-painting the house.

Here is Max all suited up... smart boy... braving the high winds on that balance beam. He started by painting in the primed corners with a brush, then applied 3 coats of the green.

The top section pretty much complete, but you can see all the trim on the bottom windows still needs 3 coats of white. I normally do not mind cutting in the trim with brush, but it's a bit of a challenge when you have the rough surface of the siding next to the smooth of the trim. Just when you think the line is straight, you hit a bump in the siding and it all goes south. Either that or a wind gust and one color gets on the other.

A detail of the trim and the siding after cutting in the white. This is one of the better sections.

We were not sure we wanted the top piece of trim white as we were afraid it might make the hole thing look a bit boxy. Here I am holding up a piece of white trim so we can gauge what it would look like. We then brought this picture in to photoshop and made all the trim white so we could decide.
As you can see, we went with the top trim being white and we are really happy we did. It just finishes it off. We were not sure about the middle band either, and have also decided to paint that white. For now anyway.

We also got all the gutters put on Friday, just in time for Tropical Storm Felicia. The lower one will feed into a rain barrel for watering plants or scrubbing the lanai.

While I was on the top lanaithe otherday, I noticed something on the board we had used to paint the roof vents. Upon closer inspection I noticed that either Todd or Matt took the liberty to bring a smile to our day.

We are OF COURSE saving it!
SMILE! Pass it on.


Dandy said...

Love it. Hope you weather the weather coming your way alright. The best thing is to have the luxury to live with the color for awhile.

A little bit of a deeper burnt orange version of the red door color maybe somewhere?

You used such wonderful colors for the tropics and for the visual sense I see in your graphic design, and the time period you are interested in.

I moved from Manhattan to Savannah, Georgia 6 months ago and I am amazed by the use of color here-a mix of Victorian painted ladies, wild 60's hippie colors, and vivid Palm Beach.

I painted my bedroom a brilliant lemon yellow-Ralph Lauren's Golden Yellow. I'm moving next door and I'm painting my new room orange, something I never would have done in Manhattan. It's been really freeing.

Can't wait to see what you do with the inside. :)


Conn said...

@Dandy: The weather turned out fine. Light rain all day yesterday. Thanks for asking.

All of the doors the the structure will be orange to match the orange door on the house.

I just saw some pic from a friend in Michigan and the houses wee cute little beach houses all along the lake. Each one was painted a bright, BRIGHT hippie color and I loved it. I could never do that here.Some have and it looks terribly out of place. When done in mass I do think it works.

We had all of our walls white in NYC, except for one wall in the living room that was painted a deep, dark tomato orange and we loved it. I have had other apartments where i have painted every room a different color, mustard, turquoise, orange, silver and lime, but it was very hard to work and made all the rooms a bit on the dark side. The orange wall in our last apartment was on the wall behind the couch and was nice just for a pop of color now and then.

Here we plan on all of the walls being white and white corn (pale, pale yellow) as we have done in the house. We have talked of doing other colors but cannot picture it right now. Thing is we have so many colors right outside the window, we like to keep it clean inside.

Stay tuned.

Ellis Garvin said...

wow! it's really come along since I last saw it. looking good! just pack a parachute when you're up on those scaffolds! ;)

Deb said...

oh conn and john, i LOVE it. . . seeing the color up so reminds me of lovely old-style hawaiian plantation homes -that green is perfect.

i may have to steal it for this kitchen or a future kitchen:)

those smiles. . .life is in the details, yeah?

Conn said...

Yes Ellis... A parachute. I could have used on last week.

@Deb:that's exactly what we were trying for...with a we bit of an update... that would be the orange doors.

and we found out that it was matt who made the happy face board. it's such a simple thing, but we love it.