Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Did you all think we forgot about you? We're still here, but we have barely had time to think about posting any of the oodles of images we have been snapping up.

Last week we got the insulation in, the sheet rock up and it's being skimmed as you read this. It makes such a difference having white walls in place of the yellow wood. We can now get a feel for each room... although we can't walk through walls like we used to and we are now taking the actual traffic patterns, both inside and out rather than shortcuts that we were getting used to. By being forced to actually walk around the structure rather than through it, it is forcing us to now think about the landscaping and what we can and can't plant in certain areas that we will be using as walkways.

Here are a few pics of the process and new ones of the skimmed walls, stair rails, battery box and re-location of the solar panels will be added soon. The solar panels get re-located tomorrow and we are ready for some heavy lifting.

Stay tuned...



The insulation is a bit of a hodge podge, but we got it on Craigslist + from a friend for free.
We did not insulate every single wall. Only the south and west walls that take the harshest and warmest effects of the sun. The yellow and pink wall above is the only interior wall that is insulated and that is because it is the wall that is dividing the workroom from the utility room. We hope it cuts down on the noise from the water pump, inverter and charge controller for the solar power conversion. The silver foil back insulation is only on the ceiling to keep the heat out.

Future home of the red laminate desk along the back wall.
Did we mention the AMAZING DESKTOPS YET? Pics coming soon.


Deb said...

RED desks?? ooooh.

give very good feng shui for you. bring fame. many good lucks and money. you like it very much. :)

can't wait to see!!!!

Conn said...

The exact red as the Poinciana Flowers in the Trees we sat under.

Thanks for the feng shui.

Now if we could just settle on an interior paint theme.

kate said...

So amazing!! Can't wait to see more pictures.