Friday, October 02, 2009


It's been one of those insanely crazy weeks here at CFC Headquarters.

Last week we had our friends Denise and Peter visiting and we took some much needed time off to act as tour guides... how sweet it was to be atop Haleakala for sunset.

Once they departed, we quickly kicked it back into high gear and started painting the interior of the new office. Floors had to be mopped and swept and mopped and swept, taking up an entire day.

We finally started priming and attaching all the door trim last Sunday and we still are not done.
We might be further along if we were painting at night too, but we have been glued to the TV watching PBS: The National Parks.

We are looking to be complete with the painting by Sunday so we can install all the lighting, switches and outlets on Monday.

The color of the back wall is called Vintage Map by Martha Stewart for Valspar.
We are also using Coastal Dune Grass on the Far wall with all other walls and trim being White.
The Desktop is going to be the small red swatch on the window sill... called Grenadine. Not sure I am totally loving the Vintage Map as much as John is, but we both Love the Coastal Dune Grass. We will also be using her Peony Red (which is a perfect match to the desk) for small accents on the bookshelves
The overall feeling will be something like this (the blue is a bit deeper in real life). Imagine the bed being a desk.

Stay tuned for the finished room soon.


Deb said...

ooh, nice. can't wait to see the reds in there!!

thanks for the valspar digital painter link - that will come in handy for the next pain job!

Kapuanani said...

I just saw (and have been drooling over) a copy of Hawaiian House Now and I think the Vintage Map is similar to a color I fell in love with from the book.

Is it working for you? Do you love it? Did you repaint?

Conn said...

the paint is a really great color...almost a seafoam... it's very crisp and clean... it looks dull an dirty in the shot i took. we wanted a bluish color, but this one leans to the green side. it really is a great color, but for me it fights with the sky color out the window. once we get the desk in... it might be perfect. or not... for now we have left it and will test drive it for a month or so...