Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Last week, John and I were invited by Anne over at one of our favorite "getaways" - Prêt à Voyager - to participate in an interview segment called Boarding Pass. We had a great time rummaging through not only digital photo's, but some old images from something called film. Mahalo Anne, for allowing us to look back at some of our favorite travel memories.

Read Conn's interview here.

Read John's interview here.


leigh said...

the boarding pass features were just lovely. thank you for sharing a peek into your travels!

john - did you ever visit disneyland back in the day when all the kitschy motels had vintage signage out front?

and conn - when did you create that gorgeous monstera thank you note?

Conn said...

leigh... thanks for the sweetness. i actually created that card when we still lived in NYC... most likely 2002 or 2003. The plant has always been a favorite, and when i saw them growing on our property i almost died. such a magnificent plant.

John said...

alas no. sad to say, i haven't even been to disneyland! dying to see the it's a small world cuteness.