Friday, November 13, 2009


I've been very lazy in regard to posting pics of my high school chum's visit in September. We had a fantastic time, when they weren't swimming with turtles and sharks as part of their newly acquired dive certification, we were dragging them inland to survey the pacific from higher climes. Click the slideshow and you can see the album at full size in Picasa.

I've known Denise since junior high where she immediately impressed me with her twisted sense of humor and love of all things John Hughes and New Wave (music that is, not french cinema). She and my cousin Anna were the first people I knew to own a Walkman. Big cred in those days. Many years and mixed tapes later, we roomed together for a bit after we got out of college and she quickly found work as an AVID editing master and Emmy-award winning producer. Always the pop culture afficionado, she is now writing stories and screenplays. Check out her blog to get a sense of her wit and humor, Irrelevent Monkey.


James said...

Great pictures! Made me realize that I NEED to get back to Hawaii ASAP. Next visit I'll definitely come to Maui.
The furried tree fern was especially captivating. I love to see ferns unfurling.

Denise Papas Meechan said...

I am so sad we had to leave! Not only did I see a fantastic island thru the eyes of locals, I got to hang with 2 of the greatest humans I know! xo

Anonymous said...

that slideshow was beautiful-so was your writing.
i need to come visit!
xoox bj

Deb said...

L O L! that altitude is no good for the gas bubbles!

i love:

~D&P at the elevation sign, your shadows on the side
~bird on horse
~water between rocks (2nd to last shot) - stunning.

and WOW i have never seen those Dragon's Teeth! have to find it next time. . .and spend an afternoon exploring those pools.

love seeing your smiling faces:)

John said...

hey everyone. thanks for looking at the pics. james--i know, that fern took us by complete surprise with it's beauty and strangeness. D, we are lucky to have shared more great moments with you! BJ-wassup girl!! Deb-thanks for taking a look, i know, that mouse had us all wrapped around it's tiny little fingers with it's fearless adorability. and the dragon's teeth area was unexpectedly stunning.