Monday, November 09, 2009


It's star fruit season, although a few months later than last year. I clearly remember the last of the star fruit being picked the day we got on a plane back in September 2008. We are as they say here in Hawai'i, "CHOKE STAR FRUIT". So what else do we do, besides sit under the tree, pluck them from the branches and eat them right there, the juice sugary sweet after being warmed by the sun? We make dessert. We also get a little upset at all the fallen fruit on the ground. But it does keep the birds happy.

Last week was a batch of banana/star fruit jam and this week…
~ Star Fruit Crumble
~ Star Fruit Upside Down Cake
~ Chicken Star Fruit Stir Fry

And there are plenty other star fruit dishes we aim to try over the next few weeks.

Star Fruit Upside Down Cake:
Was and slice starfruit, melt butter in a cake pan, sprinkle in brown sugar, lay in star fruit, pour batter on top.

You will want to make sure you bang the pan on the counter a few times to make the batter settle into all the crevices. cover with a cookie sheet first to avoid batter splatter. Cake is done when golden and all gooey brown on the edges.

Place a cookie sheet or plate on top of cake and flip over. I used a cookie sheet since I used a 9x13 pan (you will need to make 1 1/2 batches for this size pan.) Serve warm. Place in fridge. To reheat, place in 175 degree oven while eating dinner. Turn off when done eating and leve in oven. Cake will be warm when ready for dessert. I have also placed in a non-stick skillet with 1-2 teaspoons water, cover and heat on low for 5-10 minutes.

Here is a great link to "choke" STAR FRUIT RECIPES.


Deb said...

wow, lau-lau! dat is CHOKE prettier dan jus one pineapple upsai-down cake:)

Conn said...

tonight is the last of it and i am out of cake flower... the only kind to use for an upsai-down cake. oh heck... this is a dessert emergency. i'll try regular flower if i must.

James said...

Sorry if this comes too late, but you can make your own cake flour by taking out 2 tbsp per cup of AP flour and replacing it with corn starch, e.g. put 2 tbsp into the bottom of your 1 cup measure and fill the rest to the top with AP flour. Sift it together et voila.

James said...

P.S. - star fruit are COOL!

Conn said...

thanks james. that's perfect. I will give it a try... although i am down to my last bit of cornstarch too. how did i let that happen?

Deb said...

you KNOW Conn is too busy if he lets his baking ingredients run low!! to town, wiki-wiki!

Conn said...

yes deb... bringing much same upon my village. we are heading to town today for a supply run. whew!