Tuesday, December 08, 2009


After waking up to a flat tire today, I was a bit worried I would not make it back to see the waves today. After I got the spare put on, I talked to our friend Liz who was wanting to go over, so off we went. Today was an absolutely perfect day… blue skies, waves, light winds and lots of sun. There were not as many guys in the water today, but I imagine a few took off to attend the Eddie Aikau Surf Contest on Oahu. I pretty sure the waves we saw today were much bigger and cleaner than yesterday. I'd say 35-40 feet at times. Liz and I just hung out with about 25 other onlookers and talked story while we watched the show.

Read more on Eddie Aikau.

Below are some shots I put together... a full shot with a zoom detail. They could be better, but not bad. See I need to stop talking about getting that telephoto lens and just buy it.


baffle said...

I can imagine sitting up on the bluff overlooking the water - and talking story. Such a perfect way to while away some time in paradise. Gorgeous new set of pix, btw.

Kristin L said...

That third to last photo with the surfer near the tube and the helicopter is just amazing! I really should brave the traffic and go see the waves myself (I'm on Oahu).