Thursday, January 21, 2010


We hit 2010 running... bid aloha oe to our good friend William (from my FunnyGarbage days), dove into home projects, then greeted Mom and Dad for an extended winter stay. It wasn't long after Mom cracked open her luggage when she gifted us some tasty treats including a jar full of homemade mini-marzipan fruits. They really are that bright! It's been heaven having Mom take on some kitchen duties whilst we toil away on work and home projects. And Dad has been alternating garden work with fishing trips to the beach.

New Year's Day rock scrambling with our friend William who visited us through the holidays. The weather for his visit was insanely spectacular. Normally windy beaches were just breezy, crystal clear blue skies, and views for miles.

Other big news, we finally occupied the office and are logging hours. More pics to come, this is just a sneak peek. We are still building furniture for it. The room-long desk and base cabinet is almost ready for it's closeup but there is still the construction of the giant work table and bookshelves on the "to do" list. The work table is efficiently designed with storage for books, rulers, squares, cutting mats, xactos, etc... And deep, tall cubbies for portfolios and flat art. Alas, no money in the budget for flat files. Someday. Also, finishing up railings and bathroom sink installations. I feel like I'm living in the lap of luxury with two bathroom sinks. No more jockeying for tooth-brushing space at one sink.

In the meantime, we are stoking our fires with sugar, what else? Mom kindly turned an abundant lemon tree into a meringue pie maker. If only you all could taste this light and delicious work of wonder. The meringue was higher but it deflated a bit in the fridge where it also developed those little freckle blobs of brown sugary sweetness. Oh so good.


Deb said...

that is one mighty pretty slice of pie. where the universe takes away meringue height, it gives freckly blobs of sugary sweetness:)

what has your dad been catching??

desk looks FABULOUS!!! can't wait for more and more pics.

Dandy said...

Yes, I love the desk, too. But, where are pictures of mom? We want Mom to be a star, too. :)


Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!