Thursday, April 08, 2010


Today we bring you an interview we just completed over at Seeds and Fruit blog... which is not a blog about seeds or fruit actually. It's a blog written by Kathey Epperson about creativity, beauty, design, and the cross-pollination of ideas. We were introduced by dear sweet Elizabeth Kiester... a wonderfully talented girl I worked with back in New York. Elizabeth now lives in Cambodia where she has a cute little shop called Wanderlust.

It's nice to stop and do these interviews now an again as it  allows us to reflect on why we love doing what we do. We got so caught up in researching images for this that we lost track of time and were a bit tardy in turning it in. I think I spent at least an hour looking at images of the Eastern Airlines and John got lost looking at old Flags of the World images.

Many Mahalo's to Kathy for the chance to stop and look at why we love doing what we do and to Elizabeth for the introduction as well as her friendship and inspiration.


Anonymous said...

wow - what an impressive collection of work. you two should be proud - really interesting and unique design skills. i really like posts like this, but must apologize for the earlier zzzzzzz post. what can i say? from now on if i can't say anything nice i won't say anything at all. kudos again.

Conn said...

Well thank you.
Glad you enjoyed our interview.