Friday, May 14, 2010


A selection of paintings from the opening.

For those of you that are in or might find yourself in San Francisco, please join our friends Lauren and Derek this Friday,  May 14th (...OH THAT'S TODAY) to celebrate the opening of "Ideal Bookshelves" featuring paintings, prints, and postcards by the talented Jane Mount. Many of the pieces in the show represent Ideal Bookshelves submitted by their friends, both from San Francisco and around the country. Lauren says "It's an amazing and beautiful collection, and it's been endlessly fascinating to check out all the great books people are into these days."

If you can't make the opening. Stop by when you can and buy a book painting.

WHAT: Ideal Bookshelves, works by Jane Mount
WHEN: Opening Party Friday, May 14, 6-8pm.
WHERE: The Curiosity Shoppe, 855 Valencia St.

You can see all the pieces and the amazing sculptures here

We submitted a selection of books and here is the painting of it.
Before anyone gets any ideas and pulls out their checkbook, sorry, but we already bought this one. WE HAD TO. It's the perfect addition to the new office.
The photo we submitted.

And the final painting of our books.


Lauren said...

ha! i love seeing the painting next to the photo! we're working hard to get the rest of the work posted to our website today so you can check out the rest of the show! just wait until you see the SCULPTURES...

Conn said...

shut up!
Have fun tonight.

Deb said...

now that is COOL. what a novel idea (heheh).

i got Bean Birds and Words! i was so excited to find it on an online booksale - 3 bucks!

Conn said...

A Novel Idea.. that should have been my Title.

Is it the new issue of B&W's or a vintage? does she love it?

Deb said...

had to check. . . it's 2008.

the spine looks a little different - yours must be vintage??

she loves the pictures, i love the words. i DEVOUR the words. i can't wait until she can appreciate the wonderful humor more.

Deb said...

do you have it displayed right above the actual books?

Conn said...

ours B+W's is vintage and signed. we keep it in a sealed plastic sleeve.

i'd love to have the painting by the book selection, but that means the cookbooks would be upstairs... it was our intial intent, but we are torn.
Maybe we have to but duplicates of the cookbooks, but some are vintage. the yellow cake book we got at the Puunene Book Shop. might be hard to find that one again.