Monday, May 03, 2010


I was recently approached to do a new logo design for Gurman Conatiner + Supply Corporation in Terre Haute, Indiana. I love that I get to work on designs as varied as Floral Designers, Wedding Planners, Life Coaching to a Container Supply Company.

The goal was to bring a clean and modern look to the company and my only instructions were to use navy blue and to keep it from looking too cartoony and cheesy. I came up with a more sophisticated blue than what was previously used and kept the light gray as an accent. The challenge was what imagery to use considering the company sells more than containers. After several design submissions Whitney at GC+SC settled on s design that utilized the tops of metal drums. For an alternate design to use in other applications like t-shirts and on the side of their delivery trucks she chose a version that had stacked drums.

When it came time to apply the logo to their existing website, we both felt that the red needed to be changed. This acid green that I used as the web accent was inspired by toxic spills and clean-ups and gives the site just the punch it needed without being too much. I really love the crisp, clean and modern feel of the site now. Sometimes it's as simple as just giving your site a face lift with a new logo or color scheme rather than redesigning the entire thing... especially if the site works well and does not need to be rebuilt. Think of it as a haircut that you get or a new shirt. It makes you feel brand new with just a little change.

The new master logo.

An alternate version for use in other applications.

The new logo applied to the existing site.

The original look and feel of the site with original logo.


Mimi Pond said...

Beautiful! I only wish my website was so classy and elegant. Also your vegetables are like, crazy unnaturally bursting with the fuckin' bounty of goddamn nature. How DARE you eat them without me?

leigh said...

well done, conn! the top view of the container looks quite modern . . . especially love the stacked design. very clever!

Conn said...

mimi, we'll get that website biz squared away soon. did you see the avocado?

leigh, mahalo.