Monday, May 03, 2010


This is the wide view from the "entrance" We had scrap drywall from our various construction projects so i put it in the central path to block out the weeds. A bit slippery when wet though.
Arugula and leeks on the left, Beefsteak tomatoes on the right.
Celery and roma tomatoes on the left
Swiss chard and red cabbage

Back in January my folks helped us whip the garden into shape after neglect. With all our home-oriented projects going on over the past year (and still going) the garden took a back seat. It finally started producing a few weeks ago and we've been enjoying fresh cucumbers, corn, tomatoes, lettuce, and radish. Still waiting on the leeks, cabbage, swiss chard, japanese eggplant and curly kale. Also we have a few beets and parsnips trying their darnedest to grow. The cukes have been a nice change. I will definitely be planting more of those. Also, fennel is surprisingly hardy in the garden. I have green onions in there too, I swear they must be over a year and a half old, they're just starting to make flowers. It's kind of amazing that we can just go out there grab a bunch where as, if we were to buy them in the supermarket, we'd most likely not be able to finish them, tossing the rotten remainders in the compost. We've been making lots of tomato-based dishes lately, like pasta with red sauce, tomato and avocado salad, tomato chicken soup and grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches. Hopefully in June we'll have more veggies to blog about.


Lisa Viger said...

Your garden is amazing! Can I be jealous of your tomatoes?

John said...

Thanks! This "growing our own veggies" thing still amazes me so i'm glad you get a kick out if it too!

Deb said...

looking good! those tomatoes truly are gorgeous. if our future garden (yay!) is half as lovely as yours, i will be a happy camper.