Thursday, May 27, 2010


We are still out of our blooming minds here on Maui and today want to share with you SOME of the yellow flowering plants that are brightening up our world.

Two indigenous trees Ma'o or Hawaiian Cotton and
The small yellow flowers here on the Banana plant will one day be full grown bananas.
Yellow Alder or Sundrops are an obnoxious weed that can get about 8 feet wide and 5 feet high. We just pulled about 100 of them, but left about 50 in the gulch because the bee's love them.
The Cup of Gold is a large flower that smells like coconut suntan lotion.
The plumeria here are indeed white, but we identify them by the color of the center. Some have more pink, some more yellow some all white,
We think this is called
Chenopodium Oahuense or Hawaiian Goosefoot.
Trimeza Lily.
This is called a Yellow Canna Lily, but it's not a lily at all. The seed pods to the left dry up and inside are small black seeds that drop to the ground which produce more and more cannas. The seeds are used for jewelry as well as 'uli'uli.

This Silver Trumpet Tree or Tree Of Gold, is not really silver at all as it boasts yellow flowers. Perhaps it's mainly called a Silver Trumpet  because of it's somewhat silvery leaves and bark.
This Silver Trumpet Tree or Tree Of Gold was on it's last leg when we arrived here 3 years ago. It was nearly on it's side and we had it staked for over a year bring it back to it's full glory and has actually gotten about 4-5 feet of new growth.
Silver Trumpet Tree or Tree Of Gold and
Pink Trumpet Or Pink Tecoma side by side in the gulch. More on the pink coming up in a the Pink post.


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