Thursday, May 06, 2010


A few days ago we went to our neighbor's house for a cookout and they gave us this GIANT avocado. The last thing we needed was another avocado since we had 3 at home on the counter. Luckily this monster still had a few days before it was ready to eat. I finally cut it open and made a batch of guacamole with onion, tomato, lemon and cilantro from the garden. I was shocked that one avocado made an entire quart of mashed up goodness... make that a practically free quart of mashed up goodness. As you can see it was bigger than my hand and nearly twice as big as the 5" hamburger buns. We made southwestern turkey burgers and plopped a whole lotta green on top and the next day we made taco's that were overflowing with flavor.  It lasted a few days and we are now scraping the bottom of the tub. Luckily we have a few of our own avocados left that should last a few more weeks. The seed of the monster is in a pot of dirt and should produce a seedling ready for transplanting in a month or so.
Not exactly sure of the variety but it was watery than most hass avo's I have had, but I think it might be a Gwen.
But it could also be one of these Hawaiian varieties. I'll have to find out.
This quart tub was FULL to the top even after we piled 2 heaping tablespoons on top of our burgers.


Dandy said...

The return of recipes! Hooray. OK, so it's not a PIE, but it could be. :)
Yum, I love avocado.....thank you!

leigh said...

yum. that reminds me of the huge & delicious avocado from my aunty's avo tree.

rick bayless was cooking on martha's show for cinco de mayo & shared his secret ingredient for guacamole - *roasted* garlic. added a little to my last batch and it really does seem to add a nice depth to guacamole.

Conn said...

aloha dandy, i thought you would like this. not a real recipe but at least a step in that direction.

i am hoping to one day make an avocado pie and i just found a recipe for avocado shake with chocolate syrup. do i dare try? what if it ruins a perfectly good avocado?

leigh, it's funny when you see trees loaded with fruit... they never seem that big until you pick one. i just don;t get how the trees manage to hold such "land of the lost" sized treats without breaking branches. i usually add a touch of fresh garlic or if i'm not feeling like crushing that, i will add some garlic salt. but the roasted sounds great. will try that next batch. mahalo for the tip.