Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Many of you might remember Kekoa, the ring neck pheasant we took under our wing in 2008. It's been a little over a year now since we had to send Kekoa upcountry, but we have another pheasant that is almost as good. This is his dad or as we call him, BIG DADDY or Limpy because he has a bum right leg. He has always had a bad leg, but this April we noticed it had gotten worse. He still manages to come all the way across the yard with no problem when I call him for dinner though. Here are a few pics from yesterdays feeding. He has been living in the pine trees next door for at least the last 5 years... maybe longer. As of few months ago he was not so into us. Lately all I have to do is call for him and here he comes... within about 12 feet I'd say. I toss the seed down, take a few steps back and sit in the grass while he eats. Little by little we are getting closer, but we won't be petting or hand feeding him anytime soon. And no Mac Nuts either.  It's just nice to be this close to nature and have them know you mean them no harm.

You can see his right foot is twice the size of his left. This is a new injury.  The 2x4's are braces we made to hold up the banana plants heavy with fruit.

Sharing breakfast with the male Grey Francolin also known as Franky and a slew of Zebra Doves. More on them soon.


Mimi Pond said...

Poor big daddy! Is there any way you could get his foot treated?

Conn said...

we were just talking about how to possibly catch him and take him to a vet. waiting for him after he finishes eating then heads back through out hibiscus bushes to his home under the pines... as he walks through throwing a blanket over him... but he is very keen as to our presence. not sure we could do it or if by doing so we might injure him further. it's heartbreaking, but he's a trooper. maybe we'll figure something out.

Dandy said...

He is so beautiful. Can he fly?

Conn said...

He can fly... bu they don't unless they just have to. it's a big bird and takes a lot of effort. kind of like a turkey, but not nearly as heavy. they shoot off the ground into the sky rather awkwardly then glide to a safe landing away from the threat. he prefers to run when possible. if you see him from across the yard he will either run or drop to the ground and go as flat as he can.

Deb said...

modern phamily!

i'll be here all week:D

poor limps. he is a beauty. Bean says if he loses a feather, could you save her one. . .so she can tickle, tickle, tickle you!