Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Even though it's green here 365 days a year, we don't always have an abundance of flowers that spring forth. Some are seasonal like the gardenia, stephanotis, orange blossom, mac nut blossom and kukui. Here is a selection of what's White Hot right now. I have not gotten a descent shot of the night blooming jasmine though, so these will have to do. Stay tuned for more flowers by color soon.

Shell Ginger
Orange Blossoms
Two natives - Naupaka & Kukui
Macadamia Nut Blossoms
Monstera Deliciosa


Deb said...

gardenia and stephanotis reminds me of aunties and flowers pinned to hair. . .if i could smell them right now i would cry.

Jimmy said...

The gardenias are so beautiful.

Hell, they're all beautiful!

Conn said...

aww deb... i'll take all the scents in for you.

thanks james.

Anonymous said...

You are two seriously lucky fellas. And we're lucky that you're moms taught you to be so good at sharing! These are SO gorgeous. Now if you could please just post some scratch and sniff versions...

Conn said...

aloha paige... scratch and sniff... now there's an idea. it's rather intoxicating sometimes. early mornings are crazy with freshly warmed flowers surrounding us with their fragrance.

baffle said...

these flowers pix are so lovely and inviting and so - yes - dare i say it again - so aloha.
makes me sigh.
big sigh.