Sunday, June 20, 2010


Some of you might recall that we posted news about MAUI LAND & PINEAPPLE shutting down it's pineapple operation back in December 2009. Well not long after the news came, we got word that Hali'imaile Pineapple Company was going to take on 1000 acres.

Today we read this article in Maui News that is very encouraging 6 months into the new operations.

When we heard of the operations shutting down in December we began thinking we needed to get more pineapple in the ground. So in April we finally got around to moving the old pineapple patch and planting an all new one. The old area where they had been for the lat 3 years was rather depleted and the dirt was really compacted. We relocated the plants along with about 10 new ones into a new mound in the garden. Pineapple seem to do well when planted in loose soil and close together. Besides, it sure makes water a whole lot easier.

Below are some images from our recent pineapple patch relocation.Stay tuned... it only takes about 22 months for pineapple to be ready for the picking.

Store bought Maui Gold pineapples are only $2.79 at Costco.
Cut the tops off the pineapple and let air dry a few days then place in water until roots form. Usually in a week or so.
Pull off some of the bottom leaves so that about 1"of the stalk is bare before letting air dry and placing in water.
We prepared this mound for the relocation of the old pineapple patch.
We added rich mulch and perlite to the soil so that the roots could take hold. The mulch and perlite also help to keep the soil moist.
The old pineapple patch. These actually look pretty good, but most were not even rooted. The ground was just too hard and depleted of nutrients.
While my mom and nick were here back in April, Nick helped us relocate the old pineapple plants, some of which did not survive as well as  adding in about 10 new plants from the Costco purchases.
The patch as it was this morning. Most have actually doubled in size and are firmly rooted. Looking to add in3 more this week.
Detail showing new growth.


leigh said...

there is nothing more yummy than maui pineapple. we enjoyed a bite of the most heavenly pineapple when we stopped into lahaina farms, and it was so 'ono (notes of vanilla and other deliciousness) that we now feel like we're cheating just glancing at other pineapple at the market.

Neil and Tracy said...
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Neil and Tracy said...

Nice post and thanks for the link to the Maui News story. Great news about Hali'imaile Pineapple Company. Gives us some relief from that sinking feeling we get every time we drive past those empty pineapple fields out east of Paia on the Hana Hwy.
May your crop be a "bumper"!

Conn said...

leigh, it may be a tad difficult to get Maui Gold in CA.. but then again.. since it's so close maybe you can. They are still exporting some of the pineapples to the mainland.

n+t... i know... driving past those empty pineapple fields always gets me too. all i can picture are new mc-mansions going in. i certainly hope not.

leigh said...

the maui gold does find its way to cali but it was nowhere near as 'ono as that bite we experienced when visiting your island.

it was as if the pineapple gods kissed it to give us a hint of what ambrosia must taste like. i hope your pineapple patch gifts you with fruit as yummy!