Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Two  Melodious Laughing Thrush  babies waiting patiently for mama and breakfast.

Last week we noticed that the adult Melodious Laughing Thrush was gathering mouth fulls of seed and flying off into the brush. A day or two later we discovered these little twins chirping up a storm while mama was off gathering more seed. I love how they look like little grumpy old men. Here is a link to a video we posted back in April of last year of the adult MLT singing to it's reflection in our shed window.

Mama MLT stocking up on seed. She reminds me of a
PEZ Dispenser.
Dispensing of the seed.

Bellies full, they waddle off across the driveway.


Anonymous said...

Nearly illegal amounts of cuteness. (shaking my head in cuteness awe...) !!!

Conn said...

it really is an illegal amount of cuteness. imagine my chin hitting the dirt when i saw them for the first time... that and the fact that it makes it really difficult to get any work done knowing they are out there.